Welcome to the NodeBox research site
This site gathers stuff about the Experimental Media Group at the St. Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp, Belgium and their research, which is concerned with the development of new graphic design software and intelligent graphic design algorithms, usually based on natural language.

Information you may find here is usually still in rough form, once articles and codesets are officially published they move to the NodeBox site (or to Organisms if they are more controversial).

A lot of our code has been open-sourced. Check the repository at http://dev.nodebox.net.


About the NodeBox engine

The program that runs all the research code libraries.

About artificial creativity

Mapping language to form.



Spin-offs and problem-solvers.

Papers & Statements

Project proposals, texts and tidbits.

Lectures & Workshops

Lectures and student workshops involving NodeBox.


Imagine a EULA programming language!

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  • EULANG: End User Language
  • Aliases (how the name NodeBox came to be)

Infrastructure (texts in Dutch)

Internal organisation and discussions.