Knowledge Types

General properties

In addition to type-specific properties, all knowledge types share the following extra properties:
  • type: a global type variable that distinguishes between data types
  • author: the creator of the document
  • date: the date the object was created

Relation (relation)

  • concept1: the left-hand side concept of the relation
  • concept2: the right-hand side concept of the relation
  • relation: the relation between the two
  • weight: the weight of the relationship
  • category: a namespace for having different types of relations

Possible relations are:

  • is-a: a concept having a more specific meaning than another, e.g. "chihuahua is-a dog" (hyponym)
  • is-part-of: a concept that, when combined with other pieces, make up the whole, e.g. "sister is-part-of family" (hyponym)
  • is-opposite-of: a concept that has the opposite meaning of another one, e.g. "black is-opposite-of white" (antonym)
  • is-property-of: a concept that is entirely linked to another concept, e.g. "sharp is-property-of ice"
  • is-related-to: a general relationship, for when other relationships are inappropriate, e.g. "dirty is-related-to rat"
  • is-same-as: a concept that is equal to another concept, e.g. "bug is-same-as insect" (synonym)

Factor Analysis (factoranalysis)

  • concept: the concept that is to be analysised
  • perceptonyms: a list of words linked to the described concept