The strategy of NodeBox is to have a set of intelligent nodes that work together. Each node is an individual piece of software that makes a decision about a specific area of design.

Evolving ontology using loose tags

We hope that with an open strategy, NodeBox and Gravital will result in lots of useful nodes. A tagging provides metadata on the type and quality of the nodes. This is inspired by the social bookmarking site

Each node is specified with a URL, e.g. . The URL can be any form, but it's a good idea to include a unique name and a version identifier at the end.

A set of tags can identify the specific areas this node relates to, e.g. "color, lookup, google". Tags can be multiple words; each tag is seperated by a comma.

Next to a tag, the node can also be rated. We propose an up-down system like reddit. No specific points can be given.


(not the best name -- still searching for something else)

  • url: the URL of the node we refer to
  • tags: a set of comma-seperated tags
  • rating: either +1, 0, or -1. The default is 0 (no rating)
  • time: a timestamp
  • user: the user that tagged the node