Welcome to the NodeBox research site
NodeBox (http://nodebox.net) is developed as the core engine in a research project on design automation and Artificial Creativity involving 3 teachers at St-Lucas Art College, Antwerp, Belgium.

How does graphic design (and communication in general) work? Is it purely subjective, a matter of personal opinion, or are there rules to be revealed? If so, can these rules be programmed into an artificially creative algorithm that aids human designers in their search for the right design?
Introduction by Lucas Nijs (2005) ยป

Radio interview (in dutch): listen | colors


Information for the Gravital Members consortium.

Quick Examples

Here are some quick visuals to give you an idea of what we're working on.

Artwork generated by an algorithm after it had aggregated news facts from the internet.
Read the full story here.

We are building a commonsense network of aesthetics-related data.
Read the full story here.

The NodeBox 2 environment, with graphical operations represented by building blocks.

Meanwhile at the Computer Linguistics department at the University of Antwerp, the Graphical Language Processing module is being developed.

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